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Figma Plawres Sanshiro Juohmaru Figure

When the figure first came out, the design gives me a mixed feeling. I am not sure if I want to get it or not. But finally I decided to get it due to a few reasons.

First, I was a big fan of the manga of Plawres Sanshiro when I was a kid. I always wanted to get a Juohmaru toy. Not just any Juohmaru, but the manga version. Unfortunately, all the toys release of this character are the TV versions, which I was not a big fan of the TV show. If I am not mistaken this Max Factory Figma release is the one and only official manga version figure of this  30 years old manga.

Secondly, the figure is on sale due to its lack of popularity. Cause of that, I decided to go for it.

Figma-Juohmaru The figure’s head sculpt, colors are pretty much dead on to the manga. Paint job is excellent!

Figma-Juohmaru2The character is a robot wrestler, therefore it does not come with any accessories, except a few pairs of hands.

Figma-Juohmaru3It comes with 3 face sculpts, which are the robot look and 2 human look faces. All 3 faces had appeared in the manga. Very nice that Figma had included that.

I was first hesitated to get this figure due to the proportion of the body is very strange. It is very feminine looking and a bit too slim. Also all the joints in the upper body does not fit into the design very well. The original manga character is wearing a judo top outfit, which is kind of puffy. Figma tried to mimic the puffiness of the outfit, but the effect is disappointing. Especially the waist joint, the shape of the upper chest and the waist are totally unmatched.  The upper chest looks like wearing something puffy, but then the waist looks like wearing a tight outfit where you can see the shape of the abs. I would rather Figma sacrificed the waist joint, and sculpt the upper body in a judo outfit as one piece to make the figure looks more natural.

Figma-Juohmaru4 The figure comes with its own display stand. But my one does not fit in the figure at all. The hole was way too small to plug in the stand.

After getting this figure, I felt the same as before – I still have mixed feeling about it I do like the looks and paint job. But the strangeness of the body and the display stand issue did bother me.