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Hot Toys 1/6 Jack Sparrow Cannibal King Version

One of the earlier Hot Toys release, and also my first Hot Toys figure.

I will say compare to the prototype photos, the production head sculpt is not as good. But it is already better than the Medicom version. And Hot Toys has definitely improved to perfection on their work over the years!

The two head sculpt: The Cannibal King head (which is pretty good, I will say it captures about 80 – 90% of the likeness), the other is the smiling face head (which does not work for me, it does not look like Johnny Depp at all in my opinion.)

For this figure, the strongest part is really the costume and the accessories.

How Hot Toys use different material and attention to details to make the cannibal king crown (headdress) is amazing.

HT-Cannibal10Hot Toys captured and layered every piece of the clothing on the figure amazingly. At first, I felt the sleeves of the shirt are too large. But after checking the movie again, the sleeves are indeed pretty loose. Not to mention that Hot Toys even create  a little bit of dusty effect on the shirt to make it movie accurate.

The larger accessories: The saber with scabbard, the flintlock pistol with holster, and the feathered scepter are no exception with great details!

The only nitpick is the feathered scepter which is sculpted with solid plastic. It is too heavy for him to hold. I wish Hot Toys should have made the feathered scepter using the same material as the crown. Not only it will be lighter in weight, it also looks even more realistic.

The small accessories: The little chicken feet and the toes necklace are disgusting with extreme likeness. Very cool!!The compass can open up even!

HT-CannibalLater on, I purchased some accessories belongs to the Hot Toys DX-06 Jack Sparrow over ebay. I thought those accessories fit in the theme of this figure very well. The additional accessories are the rum bottle, and the extra hand sculpt. (As shown in above photo) Looks like a party animal, isn’t it?!

HT-Cannibal08This earlier Hot Toy release is not perfect, but from this figure we can definitely see how come Hot Toys is so successful today. They had put every bit of effort to attempt to make this figure as perfect as possible.