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Fewture Ex-Gokin Arale Chan Figure

Arale Chan also known as Arale Norimaki from the hit TV anime Dr. Slump. The anime is created by the famous Akira Toriyama. What so famous about this guy?  Creator of Dragonball Z …. (Does that ring the bell for you?)

EX-Gokin-Arale4This figure is quite an interesting and different release by Fewture.

First of all, they release a human looking character in Ex-Gokin form. Not only that, she is not some kind of hero character but a cute little girl. However, Fewture does not cross the line, this little girl is indeed a robot in the anime.

EX-Gokin-Arale2Secondly, not only the figure does not look like a robot. It does not look like a gokin figure too. The figure looks vinyl / ABS / plastic. But once you lift her up, you can feel the weight of diecast in her. It was kind of funny that it is similar to what happen in the anime. In the anime, the adults tried to hold her up, but can’t cause she weights more than a normal growing man with all the mechanics in her body.

EX-Gokin-Arale3Thirdly, this figure is probably the first Ex-Gokin that included a full clothing. I remember the Ex-Gokin has done it once with the Juohmaru. But that one was only one simple judo cloth. This one however is a complete set, T-shirt with pants and buttons etc. The outfit is surprisingly good! Got all the details, stitching well, and fitting well etc. It is just as good as those 1/6 scale figures.

EX-Gokin-AraleInstead of machine guns, gigantic swords, or extra armor parts, this figure has a poop on a stick as her weapon. The other accessories are just like what a 1/6 scale doll will included: the eyeglasses, the hat, extra face plate with different expression, few interchangeable hands etc.

One big plus for this figure, it comes with a display stand!! It helps cause the joints of the legs and arms are rather weak. Also, the head and the body are chubby and heavy.

The set also comes with her buddy, Gatchan. But too bad that Gatchan is more of a statue with only very limited movable joints. It can’t really interact with Arale much!

Either you are a fan of the anime or the Ex-Gokin line, this is definitely a KEEP!! As a fan, this is probably one of the best figure represents Arale-Chan. As a Ex-Gokin collector, this figure is definitely different from the others, but yet the quality is as impressive!! It is also cost way less than the other Ex-Gokin release. I got mine for regular retail price of 9800 yen. (Less than 5 digits! Can you imagine?!)