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Composite Ver Ka Gurren Lagann Figure

Composite-Gurren-LagannReally like the design of Gurren Lagann in the anime, and wanted to get the best Gurren Lagann figure at that time. There were 3 figures released: 1. Konami gokin figure 2. Kaiyodo Revoltech 3. Bandai Composite Ver Ka.Composite-Gurren-Lagann2

  1. Konami gokin figure: Would have been the best Gurren Lagann for that period! But very expensive to me at that time that I cannot afford it.
  2. Kaiyodo Revoltech (Regular Version): Not a big fan in the accessories department on this version. Would like to have more crazy accessories, eg. the later fulldrillized version would be more that I am looking for.
  3. Bandai Composite Ver Ka: What attracts me is the gigantic drill it came with. The price point is in the middle of the 3 figures.

Therefore I choose the Composite Ver Ka version!!

Composite-Gurren-Lagann3There are 2 head sculpts for this figure, one normal face, and one angry face. I really like the head sculpts, looks very anime accurate!! However, I felt it is kind of out of scale. The head looks way too small for the body.

Composite-Gurren-Lagann6 The entire figure is using single joints, which is not the most poseable. I also wish the big face on the body can have a waist joint on the jaws, just like the Konami and Revoltech version. However, the waist is fixed.

Composite-Gurren-Lagann5The tattoo markings is the unique design that differentiate from the other Gurren Lagann figures. But not for me, I would rather Bandai lose those markings instead.

Composite-Gurren-Lagann4I really like the accessories of this figure. The two small drills look cool. I wish the small drills can be separate and plug into other parts of the body. That would have enhance the playability of the figure. Glad that Bandai included an extra bigger size sunglasses boomerang. It matches the exaggerated crazy style in the anime.

Composite-Gurren-Lagann7 Speaking of craziness!! The gigantic drill is the bomb!!! It is enormous!! Super cool looking!! Not to mention, the display stand looks clean and neat with the name and wording on the plate. I wish the stand was made with more solid material, like using metal rod or bendable wire, in stead of plastic pole. Cause that is about what the figure can be display with the big drill on. It needs both legs kind of touching the ground to gain support, otherwise the plastic pole will be bended and risk breaking it into half.

Missed opportunity!” This comment pretty much sums up my feeling about this figure. It has everything that I wanted it to have, but somehow I just felt “this and that could have been better if Bandai can do such and such ….” But don’t get me wrong, I still love this figure. I just felt a little pity that this figure is just a finger tip away from good to best in all categories.