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Three A Real Steel Atom

If you ask me who makes the best large scale robot figure these days? The answer is “ThreeA”!

The Real Steel Atom is an excellent demonstration of ThreeA robot figures. The figure stands about 20″ tall. The entire figure has the ThreeA trademark rustic looks. There are working pistons everywhere throughout the entire figure, it is amazing how ThreeA engineer all the pistons to work together when you move the joints. (Caution: You will need to learn how these pistons work, otherwise you will risk breaking the pistons.)

Although the joints are not the most articulated due to the complexity of the pistons, but they have tried to make it as articulated as it can indeed. There are ratchets in most of the joints, makes it feel solid.

The figure has lighting installed on the head and the body. (I just ran out of battery at time of photographing, you have to search somewhere else to see the effect. It is cool!!!) To make it movie accurate, ThreeA has even installed a fan on the back. When Atom activated, the lights and fan will turned on.

As cool as it is, all these electronic components make the figure extremely top heavy. The lower body is already slimmer than the upper body due to the original design. Also, the feet has a lot of joints in there. All these adds up, that makes this figure almost impossible to stand probably other than just standing straight. Therefore you can see there are not many posing photos in here.

Atom09If you ask me what else ThreeA can do to make it TRULY the best large scale robot figure these days? The answer is simple “a display stand”!