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MG GP-01FB Zephyranthes & GP-02A Physalis

This two master grade model kits are my earliest gunpla build, and two of my oldest master grade that I had kept.

The earlier master grade are mostly had only partial inner frame. Same applied to both of these kits. Comparing to the newer master grade, the older ones felt kind of hollow.

GP-01 FB comes with the core fighter, which can transform and combine into the upper and lower body to form the robot. Props to Bandai that the core fighter looks very good, the transformation and combination are solid.

The older master grade mainly use the poly caps for their joints. In those days, it was the most advance technology. It improved the flexibility of the kit, but poly cap joints still suffer the stability problem. It cannot hold too much weight.

GP-01 FB suffered less of that problem. But the problem is very obvious in GP-02A!! It is because the weapon and the shield are both very heavy duty. The atomic bazooka is still holding ok, at least part of it is attached on the back and can lie on the shoulder as support. The shield, however, is so heavy that no way the arm can hold that. Every time I get it to hold, either the arm or the articulated fingers just gradually drop. The shield can only sit on the ground and lien on the body. Another part is the shoulder, once the shoulder binder expanded, it just cannot hold straight horizontally, the shoulder will drop about 30 degrees (as in photos above) due to the weight.

The detailing and scale are another strong suit of the master grade. In my opinion, the older master grades are no exception. Both GP-01 FB & GP-02A are looking superb!

Time flies! These 2 kits were first released in 1997, they represents the infant stage of the master grade, which was significant. Cause the master grade line replaced the expensive Gundam garage kits, and begin the new era of modeling – GUNPLA!!