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Studio Halfeye Getter Robo Perfect Change (Part 3)

The Getter vehicles were quite impressive as how the design holds true to the original anime. Will the robot mode going to be as impressive? We will see one by one …

Getter 1

Obviously that when Mr. Takashima Hajime designed the transformation of this figure, he must be putting the Getter 1 as his initial design consideration. Out of all three Getter Robo, Getter 1 stays true to the original anime the most. This is understandable, cause this is the main robot.

Getter 1 is the only one comes with the accessory, the Getter Tomahawk, and it is indeed the only weaponry of this figure.

Legs are missing the red stripes, and head sculpt is missing the eye. But don’t worry, it actually comes with a sticker sheet that you can stick the red stripes and eye on the respective areas. Why these two parts are not painted? I have no clue.

The most creative part is the cape, it is transformed from the Getter 2’s legs. It’s not perfect looking, but the design utilized the parts. Bravo to Mr. Takashima Hajime that he did not choose the lazy way out by using replacement part for the cape.

The Getter 1 is pretty articulated due to all the moving parts made for the transformation. But cause of that, the joints are pretty loose, and can only be posed on a very static position.

Getter 2

Halfeye-Getter2This is the most difficult transformation and took me the most time to transform out of the three! Trying to connect the Bear and the Jaguar is just a pain in the butt!!

The look of Getter 2 is the weakest of the three. It is just loosely based on the original design. There are big gaps between the chest and the waist where you can see thru all the mess hiding inside.

The Getter 2 got a very slim leg with a even slimmer feet, and the upper body is extremely heavy where most of the extra parts are moved to the back treated as a backpack (or fuel tank?). With that, Getter 2 has no chance to stand.

Both arms are the weapon of the Getter 2, the Getter claw and the Getter Drill, which looks great and with great articulation.

In my experience, both the transformation and posing are tough and not stable. The looks is very weak. That is why this is my first and also my last time to transform this figure into Getter 2! No way, I will do it again!!

Getter 3

Getter 3 also captures the original anime pretty well. Not as good as Getter 1 though, just felt the upper body is way larger than the bottom tank part. Again, Mr. Takashima Hajime cleverly made good use of the Getter 2’s legs on the back as extra legs (stands) to support the figure. Great design!!

The transformation of it is amazing, especially how the long arms and hands are hiding inside the feet of Getter 1 is just brilliant.

With the tank bottom and extra legs on the back, this is the most stable mode of all three. Although there are lots of joints in the arms, movement is limited in certain direction only, also sometimes it is hard for it to hold the arms in position due to the weight issue.

In conclusion of my experience with the three robot modes, Getter 1 and 3 are both great in their own ways. Getter 2 is a failure. But overall, it is an excellent attempt for Mr. Takashima Hajime!!

Side Note: Studio Halfeye knew that the figure is not manufacturer made quality, the other accessory included in this figure is a small screw driver. It is for you to tighten the joints if they are loose after some movements. It is a very nice addition, and I am kind of touch!

“Although we don’t have the resources to bring out the perfect products just yet, but we try our best to take care of all the imperfection it has!”

This little screw driver symbolized how the small guy tried to survive and out done against the big guys, bring out their heart and soul for their dreams!



Studio Halfeye Getter Robo Perfect Change (Part 2)

The designs of the three Getter Robo vehicles: Eagle, Jaguar, and Bear are great! Due to the transformation mechanism that Studio Halfeye has to implement,  the designs of the machines are more complicated than the anime. However, Studio Halfeye maintained the original looks of the machines very well, and some of the machines actually looks even better than the original anime.

Eagle – The top has all the signature designs of the original. In addition, Studio Halfeye added the thrusters on the back, which makes the Eagle looks even more like it is the speedy one. The unused robot parts are hiding pretty well on the bottom.

Jaguar – This is the weakest out of all three vehicles. Although it still maintained the looks of the original, there are a lot of small parts and pieces which are very visible. There are screws unhidden all over the machine. The unused body parts of the robot are sort of visible in the machine. The entire machine overall felt very loose, parts are just not tuck in very well. However, it is forgivable, as the Jaguar has the most complicated engineering design of all. Most of the transformation mechanism are focus on Jaguar and Bear.

Bear – This one is loosely based on the original anime design. However, I do think that this design is the best out of all three machines. First of all, the Studio Halfeye version improves the simple anime design. Secondly, there are about the same engineering designs going on with Jaguar, but this one has managed to hide all the unused mechanism seamlessly.

Next up, the combination!


Studio Halfeye Getter Robo Perfect Change (Part 1)

I cannot imagine that the 70’s classic anime Getter Robo can be made into perfect transformation figure in real life. It is because the concept of transformation in the anime is just totally out of imagination and surreal.  But somebody had finally make the perfect transformation Getter Robo figure into real life in 1999. (Almost after 25 years since this anime was aired.) Surprisingly, this somebody is not any big brand such as Bandai, Aoshima, Kaiyodo … etc. This somebody is “Studio Halfeye”.

I was very curious about this figure. But at the same time, I am kind of turn off with the price point of over 50,000 yen, provided that the production company that I had never heard of. Therefore, I had investigate about this company and see what they had done before.

From my brief research, I found out that Studio Halfeye was a brand new company that had released a few Macross garage kits only.  The Getter Robo was their first ever figure release. Correction! The Getter Robo was theirhis” first ever figure release.  At that time, Studio Halfeye was pretty much an one man band. Takashima Hajime is the founder of Studio Halfeye, also the designer, engineer, and manufacturer etc. He designed and engineered this perfect transformation Getter Robo by himself. Not only that, the mass production was not done in a factory,   he did his own mass production by making each and single one of the figure by himself one by one.

No wonder it costs so much for one figure! Just imagine the time he put up to make one of these figure! Everybody should give this guy the respect of his determination, and courage. He is a good role model of whoever wants to be an entrepreneur. You got to have the creativity,  the guts to do something that nobody have done before, and ready to put out extra effort to establish your own brand.

I got this figure in Japan 2nd handed, still expensive but was already a lot better than the original price. To be honest, the figure is not perfect, there’s little flaws here and there. But keeping in mind that the figure was done in a limited resources environment, I still think that Mr. Hajime had done an outstanding job!!

Next up, my experience of the Perfect Change Getter Robo!!