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Enterbay HD Masterpiece 1/4 The Dark Knight Joker

I missed the Hot Toys Joker 1.0 version caused I had not watched the Dark Knight movie yet at that time. After watching the movie, I am now a big fan of the Batman Trilogy, and begin to search for the Joker figure.

Luckily, both Enterbay and Hot Toys announced they are going to release a new version of Joker during my search, so I do not need to go for the after market price of the older version. I was torn between getting the Enterbay 1/4 Joker or the Hot Toys Joker 2.0? I finally choose the Enterbay version, due to I like the expression Enterbay used in the head sculpt rather than the Hot Toys version. I felt the expression of the head sculpt is more iconic and psychotic, while the Hot Toys’ 2nd laughing head sculpt is rather strange and ridiculous.


Enterbay did not disappointed me at all on my first ever 1/4 scale figure! Because of it is a bigger figure, there are more areas for them to work on the details. Both the head sculpt and the clothing are in top notch workmanship!

The material used on the clothing are exceptionally great! The outer coat is using real suede with wiring on the bottom edge.  The vest is using different material in the front (cotton?) and back (Silk like material). The shirt, tie, and socks are with very clear patterns just like the real ones. The shoes are sculpted but with real laces. There are no flaws in the stitching at all, everything is just done nice and clean!  To me, the tailoring is nearly flawless!!

The set comes with a great array of accessories, a whole bunch of interchangeable hands, an extendable knife, a cock-able hand gun with ammo clip, machine gun, bazooka, grenade set, and a display stand  etc. Impressively enough that the bazooka and grenade set are made of diecast, and are heavy. The display stand is also using diecast, so that it can hold the figure more stably. The base of the stand is using metal plating on the surface. All these diecast and metal parts just make me feel good!!

One more thing worth mentioning is the setup of the grenade set. I had read reviews of Hot Toys Joker 1.0 that a lot of collector found the grenade set not easy to setup. Well, it is no exception on the Enterbay version either. It is a pain!! First of all, the grenade are diecast which the extra weight is very hard for the cloth to hold. Secondly, all the strings are just tangle up very easily. It is just not fun at all.

Since my one is the exclusive version, I got one more accessory which is the clown mask. The mask can be wear on the head. I am very appreciated with this exclusive item cause it can really be use on the figure.

The articulation of the figure is pretty good! I expected the articulation will be very limited due to all these layers of clothing on the upper body. But surprisingly it is not as bad (as seen in all photos above). The joints are in ratchets and kind of tight, so it can hold the pose pretty good. But some of the joints are so tight that just feel a bit nervous moving it. Also, the pegs are also fit in super tight. A blow dryer is a MUST when changing the hands! Once the pegs is soften up a bit, it will be easier to remove otherwise you will run the risk to break the pegs.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this Enterbay 1/4 Dark Knight Joker, and very glad that I choose this over the Hot Toys version. To me, this figure meets (or even exceed) my expectation!! A bit pricey, but Enterbay did kick up the quality in terms of material use and workmanship!!