Medicom Toys RAH DX Kamen Rider Old 1 vs New 1

The DX versions of the both Kamen Rider Old 1 and New 1 figures are pretty much the same as the original version in the ’90s but with a little bit of an improvement.

Too bad that by the time I got these 2 DX figures, the older versions were already gone. Otherwise, I could have a direct comparison of the two versions.

According to my memory, details of the DX versions are pretty much identical to the older ones. I do not see there’s anything surpass the older versions in terms of details or material use.

I think the improvement that was made is the inner body itself. I believe the DX versions have a better scale, and articulations.

Kamen Rider Old 1 comes with the actual human form head sculpt and the helmet can cover the head sculpt, which is very cool!! Because of that, the head vs the body scale of the Old 1 appears a little bit off. But I still like this feature a lot!!

On the other hand, Kamen Rider New 1 has a better scale. Pose-ability is also better than Old 1 because of the material use for the uniform.

Lastly, the Kamen Rider Old and New 1 stand side by side together for your comparison.