HG Gundam 00 Raiser Trans-Am Mode

This model kit is awesome!!

HG-00The gloss injection effect looks cool!!

HG-00GIt has a good value of 2 kits in 1: Gundam 00 + The 0 Raiser

HG-00DThe kit comes with seven swords, which gains a lot of playability.

HG-00BDue to the clean and clever design, not only 00 itself, even the armor parts has great articulations, which can get the kit to do great poses.

HG-00EAnother great feature is it comes with a display stand.

HG-00II applied water slide decals to spice up the kit.

 HG-00FThe waterslide decal is the MG Qan[T] decals.

HG-00JThe only nitpick may be the gate marks cannot be clean up due to the gloss injection surface.

HG-00H  But Bandai had tried the best to hide the most gate marks as possible.

HG-00KThis kit got the looks, special colors, wide array of weapons, great articulations, great posability with the display stand, value of only 1600 yen with a Gundam and a jet etc.

HG-00CYou can’t ask for more for a High Grade kit!!

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