SOC GX-13R Dancouga Real Color Version (Part 1)

This is a MUST have for me. First of all it is chogokin. Second of all it has 4 mechas and each mecha can transform. Not only that, each can transform into 3 modes: vehicle / beast / robot mode. Lastly, all 4 mechas can combine into one giant robot!! Just for this 3 reasons, I cannot resist. And Bandai does not disappoint me at all.

The eagle fighter is pretty much the only one mecha, that has NO diecast content in it. I think it’s because of it’s size.

This is also the only one that has only 2 modes of transformation. Cause vehicle and beast mode is pretty much the same.

The scale of the robot mode is excellent, very tiny little robot, comes with a tiny little gun. Later on it will be transform into a head of the Dancouga.

The only part is there’s no¬† elbow joint, so the arm articulation is non-exisiting. But it is forgivable since the figure is so tiny.

Overall, I felt the scale and proportion of this figure is excellent. I really like both modes of the eagle fighter.

The Land Cougar and Land Liger are pretty much the same figure but with a little bit of the difference on the details. They are the feet of Dancouga. Really like the vehicle mode of these 2 figures. Especially, all the joints are tugged in nice and tight. Excellent engineering on Bandai!!

The beast mode of these 2 figures are excellent as well. Great articulation and a nice head sculpt.

The robot mode of these 2 figures however are just okay. Remember the old diecast version in the ’80s suffered a major proportion problem. Bandai has made a huge improvement on this department in this newer version. But due to the complexity of this design, it is unavoidably still suffer the same. You can see it in the robot mode of these 2 figures.

As you can see the proportion of the robot mode is off. They also suffers a little bit of the articulation limitation on the thigh. The robot mode of these 2 figures are pretty much the weakest part of the entire toy.

Up next is the biggest mecha of the four – The Big Moth!! It forms the body of Dancouga.

As you pick up the Big Moth in your hand, you can pretty much felt the weight and the diecast in this figure. Again, vehicle mode is excellent. All the weaponry attached on the vehicle are freely articulated. The tracks are movable made with soft rubber.

The beast mode is excellent as well. Very articulated, from the legs to the nose and teeth. Although not much posing option due to the nature of this mode, but have to give Bandai props of keeping the figure as articulated as it is and also keeping the proportion as real as possible.

The robot mode is the best out of the four. Load of diecast, no problem on the articulation and proportion at all. Very stable! Not only there are lots of cannons all over the body itself, it also comes with a big machine gun.

Overall, I am very satisfied with all four mechas. Only the proportion of the Land Cougar and Land Liger robot mode are the down point. But that really does not bother me much!