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HGUC MS-05 Zaku I Black Tristar Version

This classic mobile suit is a rather simple model kit. Simple design! Simple plating! Simple engineering! Simple color division!

HGUC-MS05GTo spice up the kit a little bit, I applied the RG Zaku II decals onto it. Those chrome silver RG decals works excellent in this kit, it has an even better effect than on the RG Zaku. It is because the black armor really makes the shinny chrome silver pops.

The second modification I did was I made my own mono eye out of some extra beam saber part that I had from other kit. The original kit only provided sticker for the mono eye, and the eye area is only a plain surface. Therefore, even I applied the sticker, the mono eye won’t be popping out as what I expected.

HGUC-MS05The feature of this kit is the shoulders. The way Bandai design the joints of the shoulders allow it to have a great range of  forward  movement, which allows it to do the classic dash attack pose.

Although the kit has simple plating, surprisingly it has a wide range of weaponry, included machine gun, bazooka, heat hawk, sturm faust, and knuckle shield etc. It is very impressive. However, the weapons led to a weak point of this kit.

The connection points for the weapons are very weak. The hole in the weapon-holding-hands are too big, it just cannot hold any weapon tightly. The shield handle connected to the shield is also very loose, the shield is constantly dropping.

This kit could have been a decent High Grade kit to me. But the loose parts mentioned above was the killer to me. Cause we got decent articulation and great accessories from this kit, but realizing we cannot do much with it due to some of the loose connections is a bit of a bummer!

HG Gundam 00 Raiser Trans-Am Mode

This model kit is awesome!!

HG-00The gloss injection effect looks cool!!

HG-00GIt has a good value of 2 kits in 1: Gundam 00 + The 0 Raiser

HG-00DThe kit comes with seven swords, which gains a lot of playability.

HG-00BDue to the clean and clever design, not only 00 itself, even the armor parts has great articulations, which can get the kit to do great poses.

HG-00EAnother great feature is it comes with a display stand.

HG-00II applied water slide decals to spice up the kit.

 HG-00FThe waterslide decal is the MG Qan[T] decals.

HG-00JThe only nitpick may be the gate marks cannot be clean up due to the gloss injection surface.

HG-00H  But Bandai had tried the best to hide the most gate marks as possible.

HG-00KThis kit got the looks, special colors, wide array of weapons, great articulations, great posability with the display stand, value of only 1600 yen with a Gundam and a jet etc.

HG-00CYou can’t ask for more for a High Grade kit!!

RG RX-78-2 Gundam

Before getting this model kit, I have not done any modeling for years! And this kit gets me interested in modeling again.

RG-RX78FI am not a professional modeller. I do NO serious painting, and modification etc, and not intended to try either. I am basically a straight build guy. But will do some detailing to try to make the kits look as good as possible, such as panel lining, some touch up with Gundam markers, stickers and decals etc.

RG-RX78II bought this kit when it was first released from Japan. This is not only my first real grade, but also my first kit in the last 5 years. I used to do all kinds of Gundam kits: HG, MG, PG etc! But the interest was sort of die out.  After building this kit, my interest of Gundam modeling is back!!

RG-RX78JBandai’s new RG inner frame technology is just phenomenon! It gives me a whole new build experience!! Although it is only 1/144 scale , the new frame joints are pretty tight and flexible that makes the kit be able to hold the pose solidly.

RG-RX78EAs the legs and arms bend, just experience how the outer armor shifts and separates. You will just admire the engineering on the frame of this kit!!


RG-RX78BThe color separation of the RG kit is so great that even straight build is as good as painted. Especially, the two tone colors style of the outer amours gives the kit more depth.

RG-RX78Due to the parts are so tiny on this kit, the skirt armors are constantly falling off. Not a big deal to me though. But the major problem are the MG style articulated hands, the ball joints are so tiny that fingers are constantly falling off while trying to get it hold something. I am just afraid the finger will lost and never be found since it is even smaller than an ant.

RG-RX78DBasically, I did a little bit of detailing, panel lining and  applying the decals on the kit. I did not applied as much decal as the manual guided to, as my impression of the RX-78-2 is always a bit simple. So I keep it clean.

RG-RX78GAfter the satisfactory experience of this RG model, I am interested to see how Bandai had advanced their model kit designs during my absence. I had then continue to get more Gundam kits afterwards.