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Yamato 1/60 VF-1A Super Strike Valkyrie

Comparing to YF-21, this classic design movie version Valkyrie is relatively has more play value.

The fighter mode is usually the strongest mode in most of the Macross toys. And of course the Yamato version of Valkyrie is no exception!

Transformation of this figure is much easier than the YF-21 with very effective engineering. Almost every parts are being tabbed and lock- in nice and tight seamlessly.

Battroid and Gerwalk modes are steady and as pose-able as it can be. It is way steadier than my YF-21.

yamato-VF1A2Same as the YF-21, I don’t really know where is the diecast located in this figure.

Next up, is the strike pack!!

The strike pack is such a great addition! It enhanced the massiveness of the figure. It is easy to install onto (and uninstall off) the figure, and also it stays nice and tight once installed.

The strike pack does not affect the articulation, and steadiness of this figure at all. It does not suffer any back heavy problem at all even it has a big back pack on.

Another impressive feature is that some of the armor parts of the strike pack can be taken out, and showing great inner details.

yamato-VF1A18For my opinion, I will choose this VF-1A figure over the YF-21. As this figure is just better in every aspect.